A root-cause approach to healing and health, by understanding and addressing what is happening on the inside. When one can begin to feel good from the inside, it can transform the outside. 

Serving as your guide to unlock the power of nutrition. 

CLINICAL NUTRITIONIST providing 1:1 personalized precision nutrition and wellness plans, and functional sports nutrition plans.

Some health concerns that may benefit from personalized nutrition are skin disorders, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, headaches, migraines, and emotional well-being.  Personalized nutrition may also help with managing other health conditions, with supporting one’s immune system, and with optimizing health to promote longevity. 

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Transform your health and wellbeing through nutrition.

Are you wanting to make changes, seeking support, but not sure where to start. Are you living life with discomfort, suffering from ailments, or wanting to improve your relationship with food. I can help. Learn more by scheduling a complimentary discovery call.

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Our Approach


Clinical and functional nutrition focusing on the whole person.  As a clinical nutritionist, I focus on the person as an individual, understand we are all unique, and take an evidence based, scientific approach to nutrition, health, and wellness. Many elements may impact health with nutrition being one of them and I believe food can be healing albeit only one part of the puzzle.


Nutrition from the inside out is about nurturing and fueling one’s body with food, feeling good from the inside, healing from the inside, and not focusing on how one looks from the outside. It is about identifying the foods that work best for the individual and when other factors including genetics, health history, environmental, mental, spiritual, bio-chemical, and lifestyle, are taken into consideration, a personalized precision nutritional plan that actually works can be developed and put into action.


My goal is to assist clients on their own journey to health and wellness without overwhelming protocols but with realistic personalized plans that meet clients where they are and are in-line with their goals. It involves precision nutrition, wholesome and therapeutic foods, supplemental recommendations when appropriate, and may include stress management techniques, sleep hygiene, and physical movement. While food is the daily energy we consume, it entails so much more, it can also be therapeutic and healing, it is a connection, is meant to be enjoyed, and should taste good. There is no one plan that fits all and eating behaviors, lifestyles, and preferences differ from one person to another. This is how I can help by understanding and addressing the root cause, and identifying what works for you as an individual. Clinical and functional nutrition promotes a lifetime of health and wellness.

Our Mission

Inner Nutrition Wellness was founded to transform the lives of individuals from the inside out through the power of providing evidenced-based, personalized precision nutrition, and education.

Our Vision

Working together to unlock the health and wellness potential of individuals through personalized precision nutrition, education, guidance, support, and accountability to improve the lives of those we serve and empower them to achieve and then preserve their best state of health and wellbeing so they may truly LIVE their life. 

Our Values


We operate with honesty, integrity, and open communication. Being transparent with clients involves being upfront, realistic, and genuine throughout all aspects of the engagement. No false promises and no surprises.


We respectfully collaborate with one another. We will work together, respectfully to set realistic goals and develop an action plan to achieve them.


We honor thy individual and meet them where they are. We do not judge, we recognize and respect where each person is at throughout all phases of the engagement, progressing at your pace not mine.


We do everything with love and compassion. Love and compassion are engrained into every touchpoint with clients, person to person, providing personalized service. 


We hold ourselves and those we serve accountable. Success involves taking ownership of the responsibilities and commitments throughout every aspect of the engagement. I am your partner and here to support you on your journey.